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fromashandflame's Journal

Phoenix Rising
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Phoenix Rising, a conference devoted to all things Harry Potter, will fuse the intensity of academic debate with the improvisation of exploratory dialogue, the rhythms of New Orleans with the colors and pageantry of art. The conference will examine the novels, the movies, and the extraordinary fan phenomenon during the day; then, attendees will revel with the beat of the Crescent City — herself rising from ash and flame — when evening advances.

As May 17-21, 2007, rolls around, we hope you are here with us. While we anticipate Harry's final chapter, we welcome you to a tumultuous five days of academia, innovation, artwork, writing and dialogue in a vibrant city that knows something about both celebration and heroes. The Big Easy, with her famed hospitality and indelible spirit, awaits.

From Ash and Flame, the official newsletter of Phoenix Rising, will bring you all the news and information as it happens.

Membership is open only to Phoenix Rising staff. Please do not attempt to join the community, as your request will be rejected. However, you are more than welcome to add From Ash and Flame to your friendslist by choosing the "monitor community" option from the toolbar above.

For informal chat, please join phoenixchat, where membership and posting is open to all.

Please email any and all questions to help@thephoenixrises.org

Unofficial Communities

These communities are created and run by attendees. Neither Phoenix Rising nor the conference organizers hold any responsibility for content or moderation of these communities, and they are not officially affiliated with Phoenix Rising.

phoenix_hd: For Harry/Draco fans attending Phoenix Rising
phoenix_sshg: For Severus/Hermione fans attending Phoenix Rising
phoenix_severus: For Severus Snape fans attending Phoenix Rising
phoenix_hhr: For Harry/Hermione fans attending Phoenix Rising
pr_trio: For Trio fans attending Phoenix Rising
pr_harry_ron: For Harry/Ron fans attending Phoenix Rising
pr_ron_hermione: For Ron/Hermione fans attending Phoenix Rising

Characters/Multi Ships
snape_slash_07: For Snape slashers attending Phoenix Rising

phoenix_aussies: For Australians attending Phoenix Rising
hpcrafters_pr: For HP Crafters attending Phoenix Rising